Crafts: #4 Paper Chandelier

Hi guys! The DIY Paper Chandelier post written by me is up! Read more here!


Hi Guys! Welcome to another post in the craft section of divertissementblog! Today, we’ll be crafting some fancy spency home decor – paper chandelier!

Paper Chandeliers! Paper Chandeliers!

We have been seeing these extremely frequently on social medias such as YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter and these have been the bomb. These cute and adorable chandeliers are as good as the original crystal ones with paper notes stuck onto it! Perfect if you’ve just moved into a new apartment and are going for the vintage theme! With its accent brown crisp paper notes and old photographs, it adds an eccentric taste to the entire aura of the room. With the soft glow and appropriate weight, the chandelier is more than just a home decor. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Vintage photographs! Vintage photographs!

1. Old photographs/ memories

Since the entire concept of this chandelier is to capture memories of everyday…

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