Another Month

Wow time really passes quickly… I wonder how things would be from now on.. Regardless, a lot have been sacrificed so I guess I better make it worth it! Maybe this could be a good change and I could become more independent than before. Be the person I want my son to marry.

Speaking of which, this week have been quite hectic but I need to start working! Like I NEED NEED NEED to start working. I can’t imagine how I’m going to start paying for myself and stuff but I’m glad I’m starting at a not-a-really-bad timing. Sigh even at the lowest point of time there’s always a sliver lining.

And I need to clear my room soon. Like can my room be really neat for once. Otherwise oh my what’s going to happen when time gets scarce. It’s good to start taking up such responsibilities and act on future problems I guess.

As strong as I want to pretend I’m fine, I really wish you can be here. How would life be without you? It’ll be different and I don’t know if we’re mature enough to not have you around. I just wish you are happy and strong. Every single day. I’m sure doing all this already has a huge huge impact on you. So much changes that we can’t do nothing but to accept and understand. Not to be bothered by whose fault it is but the faith that things will always be better. You don’t have to worry about us- we’ll take care of ourselves. Take it as you missed the first view and things are now back to how it was supposed to be.

I’ll miss you so dearly. I thought I could never cry. Or so I thought. I love you so much I just wish you are happy.

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