Song of the Week!

You can have Manhattan, I know its for the best

I’l gather up the avenues and leave them at your doorstep

I’ll tip-toe away, so you have to say

You heard me leave


You can have Manhattan, I know its what you want

The bustle and the buildings the weather in the fall

And I’ll bow out of place, to save you some space

For somebody new

You can have Manhattan, cause I can’t have you


You can have Manhattan, the one we used to share

The one where we were laughing and drunk on just being there

Hang on to the reverie, could you used to that for me

Cause I’m just too sad to


And so it goes, one foot after the other

Til black and white begin to color in

And I know, that holding us in place

Is simply fear of what’s already changed


You can have Manhattan, I’ll settle for the beach

And sunsets facing westward, with sand beneath my feet

I’ll wish this away, just missing the days

When I was one half of two

You can have Manhattan

Cause I can’t have you


I always feel so enlightened and overwhelmed with sadness when I hear this song, irregardless the number of times it’s on replay. I think the last time I heard this song was when ‘ Brave ‘ came out. Quite a lot of time has passed. Ah, back then school life was really hectic. Scares me how I don’t think we’ll ever get to experience that again.



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