Song of the Week! #2

Another week just passed it’s freaking amazing.

Speaking of which, this is the Song of the Week! And I typed this song on word pad so probably the words aren’t really grammatically correct.


Mindy Gledhill – California
have you been to California
seen the sights and people there
walked the streets of sleepy sea towns
tasted salty to ocean air
once i flew to New York city
took my picture in time square
soho nights and Broadway lights
such a pity you weren’t there

pack your bags and lock your door
i’ll take you places you’ve not been before
all i’ve ever wished to do is
travel through this life with you

make your way to London England
Paris France is also nice
ooh la la when people say hello
they kiss your cheeks three times

Monte Carlo is awaiting
Bombay intoxicating
the sky in bora bora
is the colour of your eyes
i’ve always been a fan of Mindy Gledhill. i remember the first time aloy listened to her voice he was like what a queer voice. its kinda hard to impress him so i guess that’s a first! a nice walk from all the bus rides.


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