A Gust of Wind

It’s sad how if you’re not attractive enough, nobody bothers; to know deep down underneath who you are and what you feel. If you’ll matter and if friendship blossoms between the two of you. The chance is just gone, like a gust of wind.
Eroscores- Night of St. Valentine


And sure enough nobody can really grab onto a gust of wind can they? Many think that way- you see, they think. But others do, they trap the precious wind into a bottle and keep it close to them. Perhaps you have wasted a jar- a space in your heart; but you’ll always have a gust of wind to accompany you.


It’s a tragedy when the wind one day escape when you loosen the jar lid. Perhaps it has been defying gravity too long and cannot stay in the jar without the lid. That is the day when you take somethings- perhaps not eveything, for granted.

Nevertheless, just know one thing- all wind wants to stay in a jar.


Gust of Wind


2 thoughts on “A Gust of Wind

  1. the winter pedestrian says:

    People come and go. The illusionist makes us think that relationship is everything . In reality, your passion makes you looking forward to everyday and people around us are there to witness and support. even if no one is there for you , you got to know that you need to be strong. Not many people can bare it but those that can are truly brave and strong . Be the unique one and step out of the mediocre.

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