Life is Not in Vain

And I wonder how and why are we so different. The things we do, the way we act, the words we say; the aura we give off. And why are you so much better than I am in all these things. Was it the way we were born; was it different? Someone I’ll never be, never reach. I wonder who wanted it more, you or me. And why we are so different- which brings me back to point one. It is indisputably disgusting for me to mention this but I am often very very envious. I don’t say it, but I know you know I know it.

Sometimes I wonder if I was in another family or another environment would things be different? Yet I know you are the best thing that I could ever wish for and that you being here is like bringing me to face my fears. All I can really do is to keep going and keep going and maybe in this family I’ll be the worse. But with others, hey I ain’t that bad.

The best thing about this topic is that, you just gotta keep going. And oh you, another one, I doubt you’ll ever understand my feelings of being not good enough. Cause you’re really good yourself; and I know you can’t be bothered. You just want the love; everyone wants that. I can understand though, in that environment who wouldn’t want that? Everyone would.

So long as you can sweeten another’s pain, life is not in vain.

I’ll probably look forward to the future but in the mean time, just enjoy the ride because sooner or late; you’ll reach the stop. And you’ll miss the process. Probably whoever is reading has absolutely no idea what is being said it’s freaking hilarious and go like what?

I’ll be grateful for what I have and the things I currently possess. Hope you would too.


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