Ever had the feeling of not being to trust anyone?

Ever since coming into this new environment trusting has been a serious issue to me. Maybe it’s because if I met myself, I wouldn’t trust myself.

You see, a lot of things in life, you don’t just see it, you don’t just hear it; it’s more of feeling and sensing. That’s the very beauty of vibes.
And truth be told, I trust everything based on vibes. A person’s aura is extremely important to me.


Ill like to say I never do things out of desperation or panick unless it’s something that will get me embarrassed. For me to tell someone something in a certain light, trust me (I pray) it’s not a mistake; especially in this case when I’m telling someone a secret.

It’s difficult to keep it in, but often times, a moment’s patience saves a thousand sad moments. 

Maybe it’s because the number of times I’ve been disappointed, just like maybe how you’ve been disappointed? It’s something difficult and fragile to build.

Well, I guess the solution to trusting is to have faith. And believe more. Maybe we’re not trusting because we actually don’t trust ourselves. Of the ways we think and the actions we act, I guess its not easy to believe yourselves. And loving yourself.

Yet just as Panic says in She Had the World, ” but who could love me? I am out of my mind ”



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