like sometimes i wonder if im not strong enough to even live this life.
feels like everything i do is wrong and i am constantly at an all time low. and idk why i keep doing this. gosh this…. sigh idk man. maybe i really shouldnt have bought it? maybe. and i feel like quiting at everything. it feels like no one can ever understand. that sometimes its tough even to just live. like breathing is literally scorching. it hurts man. have you ever tried that?
that every breathe you take is wrong. theres no place you belong. no place youre celebrated. you blend in, you camouflage. your absence, and presence; no one has any concerns of anyhow. not appreciated but not disgusted; always stuck in that middleline. and the most important thing is to know where you stand. and who you are. and the consequences you bring.
be more gracious; helping is caring. have a generous heart; celebrate for others, even when you hurt. smile more. you can have infinite disappointments but you must have infinite hope. and theres really nothing you can do here then to have faith and look forward. always stay strong and have the belief that you have the power to make your own life better. move move; for life is like a bicycle and if you dont keep moving, you cant stay in balance.


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