Another Haircut

The Confusing Middle

Haircut - Dumb and DumberI’ve needed one for so very long. I put it off much longer than I normally would. I’ve been dealing with shaggy hair growing over my ears and covering the back of my neck. It was very uncomfortable. So I finally went to get it cut yesterday.

I went to Sport Clips, as I usually do. This place is great. Not only do they cut your hair, but they shampoo it. I know they do that anywhere. But this isn’t just a shampoo. They massage your scalp. I’m really hoping that having your scalp massaged is an option in Heaven. They also wrap a hot towel around your face.

Hot TowelNo one has ever explained the purpose of the hot towel on the face to me. If you know, feel free to comment. So I don’t know the reason, but I like it. Maybe that’s the only explanation I need. It…

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