Hi friends,

How has school been for you…? I think it’s been great for everyone. Maybe except me. Once again, I’m that lonely lost person again. And I wish I wasn’t so horrible. Could I have any positive traits..? What is there in life to live anyways. This life… Everything. Could there be anything I want..? What am I actually using my time to do…? Is there anyway to change it..? It’s the first time something like that happened. What am I supposed to do…? Is there anything to be done..? Someone help me.

And the worse part is there’s nothing to depend on. There’s no one out there. And will I learn? Can I move on from this? Can anything happen? Am I just gonna be like that? I’m lost.

Things change and friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anyone.

Change is the only constant.

Perhaps one of the reason I’m feeling crap is because of the multiple times I’ve resisted change. Is there a way to solve this..? I feel like anytime I might just crumple and fall. And there’ll be nothing there to lie upon.

And come on, we’ve all heard of it.. Do more of the things that make you happy. I guess I really have to clench my teeth and do things the right way. Change and be a better person. Find the people right for me.. And that I have to my own best friend. Smile often and be everything I’m not right now. Cause when time is tough, the tough gets going; and giving up is not for me.


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