What’s more tiring than loving someone…?

Is suffocating love the right term to use? Is it possible for good friends to just remain that way? To not have anymore relationship than just friends? I sincerely believe it’s possible. But somehow it also isn’t? Okay, never mind. I have no idea what I’m saying.

Besides that fact, school is venomous man. Not saying that my course is difficult or whatsoever it’s just everything adds up. The environment, the people, the relationships and the fake smiles. It’s very tiring to just keep up and have no thoughts. It’s difficult to even just continue with the minimalist mindset that I have. I have this feeling I won’t survive well in this society. I mean legit society hahaha this is funny.


Besides that, a lot of things are screwed up but in a way, change is the only constant and it’s making me grow. Everything around me, I should be thankful; even for the mishaps. And that it’s normal to feel sad often. That’s why people have pets! They make us all feel a little bit better.


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