Different Faces

I don’t believe that people change.

Some do, but most I prefer to believe that they were always like that; and that it’s just a side that I’ve never known.

There’s a saying that ‘ When people say you’ve changed, it just means that you’ve stopped acting the way they wanted. ‘ To a certain extent, I really believe in that. Especially when it comes to negative changes. I’ll choose to believe that than to think the person has really changed for the worse.

But does this matter? Does change matter?

I guess it does, I mean after all, change is the only constant…. Right? But if change is the only constant then why are we so afraid, so scared and so overwhlemed by simply the thought of it.

The thing about change is that most of us think of change as a result of others’ actions. But they dont understand that people aren’t against you, people are for themselves. Know that change is only a result of yourself. What you’ve done, how you’ve brought yourself across and don’t blame anyone for the things that has happened. 

What if no one would judge you, what would your decisions be?


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