I think I may have found the four goals of my life.

Remember reading about head trashes a few days ago on Pinterest. Initially I found it bizarre, but later on when I self evaluated, I found it completely relevant. How so?

Head trash are basically magnets for all the crap in this world like gossips and unhealthy topics.

Listening to people talk about things that are irrelevant and inapplicable, that’s head trash. Listening to things that’s unenriching and uneducating that’s head trash. Listening, or worse, joining and thinking about all that shizzles, that’s head trash.

I found out pretty late that I was completely, undoubtedly, 100% a head trash. I was listening to all these crap that this world had to offer I completely forgot about the thoughts I had when I first joined school. That I should be focused and passionate about whatever I’m doing.

And soon I realised whatever I was having overwhelming concern over, those were redundant crap. They weren’t in my top 4 goals and they sure as heck should be the last thing on my mind.

I should look at the bigger pictures and remember my goals.

And that’s the center of this entire article- what are your top 4 goals?

I hope you find them soon.


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