Before Bed: Dreams

To live in bliss everyday is something that I strive to achieve. Why? I’m not too sure as well… I think I find myself asking for advice so soon every time. Maybe because I get distracted by small things and tend to oversee the greater good whenever I bump into mistakes.

Recently, I’ve been dreaming a lot. Dreaming a lot about the future and most importantly, dreaming about things I can’t reach- I really want to go to arts college. I wonder if I’ll ever get there? Stuff like that. And I know it’s silly to think of all this when it’s more than impossible to achieve. Cause you know, I’m a hardcore realist. But I just like to think of these. All these things that makes me happy. Keeps me spiritually glad as well.


Yesterday in school there was a campaign going on; coincidentally (or not) it was about attaining your dreams. The campaign ran in 3 parts: the writing, counselling and sharing. Writing consisted of you writing down one dream onto a cloud laminated paper. Why do they use cloud? Is it because they think it’s unachievable as well? Anyways, on the paper- it could be anything; from opening a cafe, to riding a bike to getting a high GPA, the possibilties were endless. Counselling part considered of the volunteer asking the participant one step that I could take to achieve my goals. (fyi: my dream was to play the violin). I wrote ” practise more ” on the board provided. And it occurred to me that it’s simple to attain the dream; you just gotta do it one step at a time. That no dream is too big.


Ever heard the saying 

if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough

Well, hope is so much stronger than fear.

I guess all I can do now is to look forward. It’s never recommended to put dreams as a distant memory, but rather, an exciting journey that will be achieved- by starting now. And hopefully this time round, it won’t just be in my head.


You can do this right?

Rest well. For we need it to do exciting things tomorrow. Goodnights


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