Before Bed: Simple Things

So the other day my brother mentioned that I was “highly insensitive and overly self- centered”, and he even told me that if I wanted to quote him, I had to do it right.

And yesterday, when I was taking the bus home, my friend did mention to me I was really weird and “a hard nut to crack”.

I wonder if it’s just coincidences.

Speaking of coincidences, I suddenly remember that old blog post I translated of a Chinese award winning literature piece- something along the lines of black crow, may have deleted it though. That piece revolved around seemingly oblivious little coincidences which turned out to be, in actual, nothing but the truth that the main character was trying so hard to escape. Do you see it? This could be me.

Just like the moment in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Violet just had to have that purple gum in which she bloated up into a silly gymnast. I wonder if I’m denying truth being shoved in my face too- too stubborn or stupid.

Anyways, speaking of books, I’ve finally started reading books again! Is it not fantastic? I don’t know how it started too by the way, I just stood in front of the tall book shelf and this book caught my eyes- The Truth of Life (sounds quite ridiculous I agree)

It’s written for teenagers like you(maybe not) and me and uncovers the true spirit of living. The stories are quirky, fun and very strange. I really like very unpredictable books and endings. One example is as such:

When she sent her husband’s clothes to the dry cleaning, she realized there was a matchbox in one of the pockets, looking at what was printed on it, she sighed.

Now that she recalls, it has been 5 years. She just graduated from University, was working in a delivery company when her fiance went overseas to study.

One day, she went to a restaurant with her friends at an expensive hotel and met the boss there. The boss was her friend’s pal. The boss came out and introduced a couple eligible gentlemen to the ladies. They then chatted, danced and drank.

A few days later, the boss came and invited her to hotel. Her friend wasn’t free so she went alone. The boss stuffed with a stack of bills and told her: I know that you’re going overseas to study, was chatting with a few friends, this is what they gave! Don’t worry they do business, they are all very rich.

For the next half of the year, whenever she finished work, she would always rush out of the company with her friend.

Finally, she went overseas and got married, the money that she brought over, it allowed both s her husband and her to finish their PhD comfortably, they both returned home country.

When she heard her husband’s footsteps, she awakes from her memories, angrily, she lifts up the matchbox and yells at him: “What is this?!”

“It’s a restaurant! ”

“Is there woman?!”

“Only met a few ladies who dined there,” her husband fixes his face, “don’t think wrongly! They all have their own career and are not slutty whatsoever!”

“What a joke!” She was so angry she started to shiver, “those woman that goes to those places, how could they ever not be sluts?!”


Anyways, enough of stories, school activities have been more of a blast but it means I’m constantly on my toes. I like to analogize it as gripping something very tightly. Gripping something very tightly ensures that the object is always in your hands, but it also means that you’re using so much strength and effort- it probably hurts. Chances are, you probably can’t go long with it.

I should probably be doing more things based on the future. But recently, I haven’t been able to due to my slightly tight schedule. Interestingly, my friends and I discussed admin work or physical training and 100% voted physical training. Statistics.

But seriously there are so many things I’m looking forward to. Things are looking great and c’mon! Take a chill pill sometimes! Today my freshie said that I looked cute (or maybe I imagined it), nothing really gets better than that.

What do you think? How have your schedule been? Remember to leave some fun for yourself.


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