Before Bed: Holidays

It feels great to sit down and type out another post. Schools starting and again, life moves on. As Perks of Being a Wallflower has mentioned; things change, friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anyone, we always have to move on.


It seems so soon that we’re in mid month again. The all so familiar mid month crisis. It’s easy to lose focus and once again, I have failed in gaining concentration. It’s part and parcel of learning but experience is never an excurse for failure. I think we all brought back home something, but the loss is regrettable. Reminds me of what Anne Frank said; dead people receive more flowers because regret is almost always stronger than gratitude, utmost applicable. Maybe I should rephrase to ” I’m grateful for the loss “.

There’s so much things going on its difficult to manage numerous things simultaneously. Perhaps, I am too distracted. That must be the case. Once again, I use the gripping analogy. Moderation.

On a good note, I composed my very first song. Went out with a bunch of brilliant people and played instruments. Honestly, the way I see it now, it’s as though holidays were fantastic. I made new glasses and ate some vegetarian stuff; I’m not repulsive of it, just not used to. Overall, holidays were pretty satisfying and some sense, it can still be considered beautiful.

Christmas is around the corners and a new year is a block away. As what they say, always look forward.


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