Chill with your Cousin

The stars tonight shine brightly.
A little too brightly.

Didn’t snap a photograph like I’m supposed to but it was a beautiful view.

We should all look up sometime and be glad that we are still breathing. Be grateful for the things we have all taken for granted  last year. New year resolution isn’t it?

Breathe, take a deep breathe and march on.

Take a much needed jog sometimes, quit eating all the fried food, grab your skateboard and head out; explore your neighborhood and strum a few times on that old guitar. Chill with your cousin (or not) and sometimes just look up at the sky above you and cherish the bright stars above you. These million years of shattered stones are finally able to shine for our eyes. How delighted we should be for them to be shining for us, and for our eyes only.


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