Memories: appreciation post

Incredible things

Family concert is over! It was as usual, so much fun!! Been in strings for close to a year now, and I never once regretted joining strings. To make this post a little special, I’m dedicating it to the kids from movie club.

movie club JOY IN JOYCE

The story of how this group came along is a weird and funny one. Remembered how awkward it was at first and now we became rather close, planning for all the bingsu and food adventures. Funny how we named ourselves move club but we often talk about food like having dinner together and going for bingsu.

To Amanda,

Thanks for being such a funny friend! You never fail to make me laugh with some of the jokes that you might crack at times, and also all the funny faces/ snapchat we take. I like how we are sitting right opposite each other in the…

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