Sometimes I wish I could be emotionless. Emotions make makes me feel… Bothered. I hate it. 

For instance, the feelings of love and romance, blinds me from reality and alas the red flags, I still go ahead with it. Panic, anxiety and fear condemns me from making the right decision. Sadness and being upset makes me feel weak. In all ways, all these emotions irrationalise me from the much needed logic and control I require in daily life. I hate it. 

Sometimes I wonder if my life would be different if I could just possess a little more self discipline, a little more self control. All in turn, just to be a little more emotionless. I hate it. 

As of now, I have defined happiness (which is the purpose of life) as a mixture of relationships and satisfaction. It seems to contradict the fact that I would like to be more emotionless, yet just feel as jubilant near my family members. But if I was to choose either bliss in ignorance or boredom in reality, I would gladly choose the latter. 


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