Bus Ride

Oh I just got on the bus.

So I’m sitting on a double decked bus with my brother, and I’m talking to him about how we used to rush up to the second level and sit on the first row.
And he’s saying that we used to pretend as if we were in a car and we would go ” broom broom ” and make some weird gestures on the railing along with all those awkward noises.
I don’t know if you guys do that but I used to do it a lot.

Its the drizzling of the rain that calms people down. The small droplets of liquid pummeling against the roof of the bus is rather loud actually. I can also hear the squishing of the windshield, its also a nice sound.
The bus is empty and quiet, stillness in the air as if I am all alone. Its okay, I mean everyone need some time alone don’t they.

Alone is not lonely.

The apartments whiz pass as the bus steers ahead. It stops and some people come aboard  settling behind me. They stay quiet too. I don’t know, I guess silence is the language here. I don’t really know what I’m smelling because I’m having a blocked nose which is utterly horrible. And I would be lying if I say I could ” smell the rain “. You know sometimes I hate typing blog post on the bus, it gives you absolutely the worst and bitter headache that you can get. Well, I guess I will get over that. More people are getting on the bus now though as a women holding a clutch and edged up black blazer getting on the bus. She has beige skin though and nice golden locks.


Its getting a little warmer in the bus as more people gather up. The sun is setting as the rain stops creating a beautiful canvas of orange, yellow and specks of red at my point of view. Remember? I’m sitting at the most front. Slowly, there’s just small tiny trees and there are no other cars or vehicles on the road. I can see the beach from here as we pass by a stretch of it. There are no more tall buildings and just some small mini sized houses.

Oh, time to get off the bus.
Talk to you soon.


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