Now Looking Back I Worry

Now looking back I worry.
What have I been doing all this while?
Calming the anxiety because they have been acting like protruding thorns from rose berry’s brown woody sticks; so harmful, but yet they’re still the many of self defense.
What was I thinking?
Its all crashing down like a tornado punch mixed in with hurricane kicks and lashes from the earthquake whip just like how the sky falls upon me without mercy.
Why does it hurt so much?
But I don’t know.
I have an unusually strange feeling that everything would simplify back to where they once were. And sun droplets would rain down upon me with dazzling carnations and buttercups in-place of grasses. And we would be able to make snow angels in the sunlight. That sun kissed amazingly captivating replenishment we feel as we fly through our horizontal imagination in nothing but pure joy.
And that explosion happens as you become drunk in happiness.


Okay I’m sorry i ended so abruptly but I run out of emotions to jot down as the feeling faded away. And its difficult to write stuff without the real emotion so I shall just stop here.

Will type soon ( as usual ).
Good nights.


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